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What to check first

Make sure your battery is completely charged...

Make sure you have the latest firmware...

Make sure your WiFi is working...

Check the user manual...

Connected by not appearing on your PC…


What is Android™?

What version of Android™ is on the devices?

What apps are included on the device?

How do the devices charge?

Connecting to the Internet

I’m having problems connecting over WiFi. What should I do?

Does my ARNOVA G3 tablet have Flash™ capability for Flash™ video or Flash™ games?

Android User Interface and applications

How do I download apps?

Can I download apps from the Google Play Store? How?

What happens if I download a paid app and then delete it by mistake – How do I get it back?

Where do these apps go after I download them?

What do I do if an app gets stuck or functions incorrectly?

What are these widget things that Android has?

How can I personalize my Homescreen?

I downloaded an app I don't want anymore, how can I uninstall it?

Can I read ‘office’ documents on my tablet eg: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF files?

Can I use my ARNOVA for reading eBooks?


How do I set up an email account on the tablet?

Video / Photo / Music

Can I download music from online stores and play on my ARNOVA?

What media file formats do the ARNOVA tablets support?

Transferring Content

Which methods can I use to transfer files to my ARNOVA tablet?

How can I transfer from my PC to my ARNOVA?

How can I transfer from my Mac to my ARNOVA?

Can I sync my music, photo, and video content from Windows® Media Player or iTunes® to my ARNOVA?

How can I transfer from a storage device to my ARNOVA?

Battery / Power

The battery of my ARNOVA is completely drained and the device will not switch on for it to charge.

The battery on my device runs out very quickly, what can I do?

What USB devices work on the tablet?


I cannot turn on my device, what should I do?

My device “froze”. What do I do? How do I prevent that?

My tablet seems to be running slower than when I originally got it, what can I do?

How can I do a Factory Reset on my tablet?

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