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A full Internet experience The ARNOVA 101 G4 is the perfectly product for browsing the web via the integrated WiFi. Thanks to the 1024 x 600 pixel wide screen, thereís no need to zoom in and out as web pages will be displayed at their full width on the ARNOVA 101 G4.

Through the range social networking and chat applications you can stay in touch with your family and friends anytime and thanks to the integrated webcam, you can even use videochat6.
Full HD Video The powerful dual-core processor in the ARNOVA 101 G4 means that it can play HD video files up to 1080p7 smoothly, even in the widely-used H264 codec that most other tablets canít handle. Most well-known file formats are supported whether it is video, audio or photos so you wonít need any conversion software. And itís easy to transfer your files into the built-in or extended memory with simple drag and drop from a PC over the USB cable or use the pre-installed file manager to transfer them from a USB flash drive8. Your ARNOVA will recognise the new files within seconds and put them in your media library.

Sharing your videos is easy with the large 1024 x 600 pixel screen so that everyone can enjoy and thanks to the integrated speakers your tablet is a perfect portable HD media player or you can plug in any standard headphones in the 3.5 mm jack for a bit more privacy.
Music and Photo What would your tablet be without an excellent music application? Here again your ARNOVA 101 G4 is compatible with all the major formats and codecs7, manages meta data for your music library and has cover display so you can find the album you want even faster. Because itís Android you can play music in the background whilst using other apps and thereís even music download and streaming applications available to download to take your music experience even further.

5 Flash Application required, not included
6 Video chat application required, may not be compatible with all video chat tools.
7 Certain bitrates, resolutions, and/or file variations may not be compatible. MPEG-4 ASP@L5 AVI (MPEG-4: ISO standard by Moving Picture Experts Group; AVI: audio/video file container by Microsoft) without GMC and Quarter.
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