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Thousands of apps available to download Your ARNOVA GBOOK includes a range of preinstalled applications selected by ARNOVA so you can start to use it straight out of the box. And with the preinstalled applications stores you’ve also got access to thousands of free and paid-for applications available to download straight to your tablet. Whether it’s games, news, social networks or productivity tools there’s a whole world of apps open to you.
Excellent 3D games Thanks to its powerful 1 GHz ARM A8 processor the ARNOVA GBOOK is able to bring you great games and with its open GL 2.0 technology it can even play 3D games. With hundreds of games available to download your ARNOVA GBOOK can quite literally be your Android games console.
A tablet for work Once connected to your WiFi network, the ARNOVA GBOOK lets you manage your emails whenever you want. You can configure a variety of email accounts on the built in email tool, giving each member of the family quick and easy access to their own messages. Thanks to the range of document, slideshow and spreadsheet editors available to download3 your ARNOVA GBOOK can be your mobile work station; you may never need your laptop ever again. With the integrated microSD card reader you can transfer files easily.

3 Office editing applications available are not all free applications. May not be compatible with all document editing software.

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