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With the ARNOVA web radio & TV, you will definitely replace your standard FM radio device or alarm clock. It offers a great quality of reception for your radio stations as the stream com directly from Internet, a wonderful sound and a huge choice of stations. If you want to listen to your favorite radio stations (news, music, sport…) no need to spend time to search for the best signal like you do with regular FM radio receivers, most of the stations are already preselected in the ARNOVA web radio & TV. Just pick the one you want and enjoy the high quality sound thanks to the two speakers. Additionally you will discover many web TV channels and podcasts from your country as well as for around. And if you want to wake up to your favorite news radio station or a web TV channel every morning, just set up the alarm clock function and wake up every morning with a smile.

  • More than 12,000 high quality web radio stations worldwide
  • More than 1,500 web TV channels and podcasts worldwide
  • High quality reception compared to standard FM radio receivers
  • Great sound with the two built-in stereo speakers
  • Alarm clock function with multiple alarms
  • Supports all the major video file formats: AVI, MPEG-4, FLV
  • Supports all the major audio file formats: MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC

Experience the radio differently

The ARNOVA web radio & TV opens up a brand new way to listen to the radio. Even if you don’t have a good quality signal for traditional radio, you can enjoy thousands of radio stations with the ARNOVA web radio & TV: news, weather and all kinds of music… Just connect the device to your WiFi network and enjoy the radio in high quality. The small form factor of the product lets it fit easily in a kitchen or on a bedside table. But don’t underestimate the sound quality, the two built-in speakers deliver a high-quality sound very surprising for a such small product. If you’re comfortably installed on your couch, no need to move to change the station or to change the sound volume, just press the right button on the remote control.

Music, news, sports… all the best web TV channels are there

What’s more annoying than having to watch your favorite web TV channel on a cumbersome PC? With the ARNOVA web radio & TV, hundreds of web radio stations from all over the world (news, sport, music…) arrive right to any room of your home, you just need a WiFi connection. Watch the latest music clips or watch the news on the 3.5” screen quietly laid down on a couch or even in your back yard.

Video, music & photo player

Play all the popular video file types thanks to the ARNOVA web radio & TV wide range of video format compatibility. Relive those special occasions and share memories with family and friends with your photos displayed on the ARNOVA web radio & TV. Your photos will look crisp and bright on the large 3.5" screen. And why not add a touch of atmosphere with the ability to play music while viewing your slideshows?

And even much more

The ARNOVA web radio & TV has even more to offer to you. A major function is the alarm clock. Now you can wake up to your favorite web radio station, web TV or even with one of your MP3 music files. Just set up the alarm and decide what you prefer, it’s up to you! And if you want to enjoy all the music of your portable MP3 player with the great sound of the ARNOVA web radio & TV, plug it in the line-in connector of the ARNOVA web radio & TV. You can also easily listen to all the music stored on your PC over WiFi with the uPnP connection.

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